Thursday's Outfit..

It is an undeniable truth that we all spend hours trying to find out what to wear every morning. Here is a tip from me girls..just wear your favorite jean and a tshirt..Another trick is, to wear jewellery or emphasize your makeup as I did. Last but not least don't forget to put your best smile..!

T-shirt h&m/jeans dsquared/bag uterque/shoes converse/sunglasses vintage/earings accessorize

xoxo dk


Second day at FashionWorkshop...

After summer holidays the college has started. Yesterday was the second day at Fashionworkshop and Im so excited about that!

T-shirt-shoes-necklace Zara/jean Levis/bag LouisVuitton/sunglasses vintage

xoxo dk


Classic louis vuitton...

A beautiful day has started.Me and my friend fashionable j are preparing the new post while we are having breakfast.A classic,simple and casual outfit with one of my favorite bags for today.Ops the time is over and i have to go.See you around, take care and Have fun!!!   
t-shirt bershka/dress-swimwear  hm/shoes accessories/bag louis vuitton/
xoxo dk



The style is a part of our personality, so we have to take care of it. Little luxuries such as jewels, sunglasses or shoes can make the difference between a casual look and a glamour look. Personally, I love sunglasses and I try to collect the special ones.
xoxo dk


Live the life..

I want to fly
to go away, to escape
in which makes my soul to bleed
to react
to not give explanations to nowhere
and to nobody
and as a flag
to have my love for you

[Let’s go away the two of us
And whichever the dream leads us
Give me your hand and let’s go Only with you I’m not afraid
My angel live the life
I love you, live the moment

shorts zara/t-shirt oysho/shoes converse/glasses vintage 
xoxo dk
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