Total black..

Here it is! Monday's outfit.. such a looooong Monday(!!!) as I had to be at my fashion school from 15:00 to 03:00 !!!!!! I know I know, many hours but its ok to me..I really love doing all these stuff..! What do you think about my latest outfit? Black is my favourite colour, especially for the last months.. What do I prefer? A total black look with some details.. ohh I love these socks! Don't you? Thank you sis for the handbag.. Have a nice week..

pants,sweater,sunglasses zara/socks,shoes h&m/handbag chanel/belt vintage

xoxo dk


Wednesday outfit...

One pair of shorts,not so morning shorts!But with a beautiful and casual sweater and classic converse it may be easy wearable! think abou it!!
sweater zara/shorts hm/singlasses pull and bear

xoxo dk


Haki dots.

Hello guys!! Today was the first day i started exercising after  a long time and already i cant move!! For today a mix and match style with my favorite shirt!!I was about to forget it..what to do you think about my new bag (thank you santa)..
dress zara kid/shirt hm/jeans  levis/belt-sunglasses zara/shoes converse/bag balenciaga
xoxo dk


Bloggers A-Z..

Im so happy for my fist video for the Fashioworkshop with fashionablej. Its very strange and so funny to watch yourself speaking in front of a camera. What do you think guys? Let me know.. 
I hope you enjoy the video and our tips.



Vintage jeans..

...Blue Jeans..

Blue jeans, White shirt
Walked into the room you know you made my eyes burn
It was like James Dean, for sure
You so fresh to death & sick as ca-cancer
You were sorta punk rock, I grew up on hip hop
But you fit me better than my favorite sweater, and I know
That love is mean, and love hurts
But I still remember that day we met in December, oh baby!

I will love you till the end of time
I would wait a million years
Promise you'll remember that you're mine
Baby can you see through the tears?
Love you more
Than those bitches before
Say you'll remember, oh baby, say you'll remember
I will love you till the end of time..

jeans levis/shoes t-shirt zara
xoxo dk


Romantic Mood..

Here it is...two of my fav pieces from my closet in a different compination. This skirt, is so stylish and I always find a way to wear it. My fav grey sweater is definitely a passepartout piece and I love it. I can wear it with my jeans, my leggins, my shorts or even with this formal skirt. Remember that you can always mix and mach styles, clothes or  prints wearing your fav pieces for a really special result.

all outfit zara/shoes no name

xoxo dk


Goodbye 2012..

Happy New Year!  A really good year has ended and I gained a lot of memories. During 2012 many changes came into my life, some of them were really pleasant,  others not so much, but that's the point of memories right? 2012 was the year I started my blog, studied at my fav fashion school and met new people.. 2012 was a full year and  I said goodbye to it, in my island with my family and some good friends. I hope all the best for the new year to everyone.  I wish 2013 will be awesome and bring to everybody wthatever you're looking for. 
Don't forget to smile and live every moment of your life.
 Be happy and stylish!

shirt shorts h&m/shoes jeffrey campbell/necklace stradivarius

 xoxo dk
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