Fall is here.

September is here and i got back from Crete to Athens,back to reality!In one month my college will star again(this year i will be in a new college)and the other days i met my new teachers etc,the good thing is that i will be again together with my amazing and lovely friend Jenny(fromfashionablej)!Something else now,i'm really excited becuase tomorrow is the 1st #DFBI Athens,have no idea what to expect yet but tomorrow i will find out,and of course i will be together with my buddy Jenny;)So sorry for the lack of posts but i promise now that i'm with Jenny i will be posting again!

jacket shorts bag zara/t-shirt h&m/shoes converse/bag d&g
xoxo dk


  1. very good girls!http://fashiongoldfish.blogspot.gr/

  2. teleio look!!i am your new follower,would you like to follow me back?


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